Pro wrestler Ric “The Equalizer” Drasin speaks out on Benoit

The statement below was posted by pro wrestler Ric “The Equalizer” Drasin regarding the Benoit tragedy. This isn’t to condone the abuse of any drug (steroids, Rx meds, alcohol…), but simply to air a contrarian view from a man with experience.

JUST to show you how the media blows things out of proportion. They always need to find a scape goat and in this situation, ‘steroids’ prevail again. In all the years that I have taken steroids and known 100s of other bodybuilders, athletes and laymen that have, I have never seen anyone want to kill someone because of it. Yes, we all get moody and elevated testosterone can enhance your moods just like that of a teenager when they produce the most testosterone. But not to the level to kill someone. If you’re going to go that route, how about alcohol and drunks that get in fights because of rage or run someone down in a car with drunk driving, or Crack heads, killing for a few bucks to buy drugs? Or the big one, Cigarettes that kills 1000s. But I guess that’s ok. Rage because of elevated testosterone is no different than women with hormone problems that have PMS and use that as an excuse to be a ‘bitch’.

In the case of Benoit, he was drug free according to tests. Also if there was any rage, it usually only lasts for a moment. In this case, he had all week end. Also they said there were injection marks in his Son’s arms and said it was growth hormone. Anyone who has taken GH, including myself, knows that you inject it with an insulin needle into the fat of the stomach where it is released and that does not leave scars.  Again this was information that was not valid.

I’m sick of the media blowing this crap out of proportion. Steroids are obviously used in all sports today and none of those people are out killing anyone. In this case there were mental issues far beyond what we know. Now they’ll blame the entire thing on Wrestling as well. Boxing, UFC, Football, Baseball, you name it they all take them and even the average Joe in the gym takes them as well.

Just last week,NBC reported that they discovered taking Testosterone has slowed down the aging process and most men lacking in it are tired, lethargic,have poor muscle tone, no energy and are aging faster than those who have higher levels. When putting those men on Testosterone, they began to perk up, feel better, more energy, better sex drive and looked younger.

Go figure!!