Despite the media hoopla over anabolic steroids in professional athletics, the truth is that most of the people arrested for anabolic steroid possession are more like your friends and neighbors than million-dollar sports stars.

They are otherwise law-abiding mature adults who have elected to self-administer anabolic steroids for personal cosmetic improvement — not to cheat in sports. This point, made by defense lawyer and steroid legal authority Rick Collins, Esq., in the documentary “Bigger, Stronger, Faster” and in countless media appearances goes unrecognized all too often in the creation of anabolic steroid policies.

With so many complex issues surrounding anabolic steroids and the law, Rick Collins created this website to be a resource for the most up-to-date news — and straightforward information — about anabolic steroids. Here you’ll find views and information available nowhere else: basic legal commentary on what happens if a person is investigated or arrested in connection with anabolic steroids, crucial information for lawyers handling anabolic steroid matters, and credible reasons why teenagers shouldn’t use steroids. Athletes and coaches will find information on performance-enhancing drug and supplement use and the methods by which sports doping is detected. Physicians will learn about the evolving legal parameters of prescribing androgens and human growth hormone in the treatment of age-related diseases or in so-called “anti-aging medicine” or “age management” therapy. Students will find information for term papers and reports. Visitors, including those in the legal, medical and athletic communities and members of the general public who seek objective information about steroids and the law, will also find a variety of timely posts on our Blog.

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