“Muscle drug” cases are different. They shouldn’t be approached like recreational drug cases; they’re not “business as usual.”

Given the endless misinformation reported in the mainstream press and, until recently, the relative historical infrequency of anabolic steroid arrests and prosecutions, those in the criminal justice system have been largely “in the dark.” In working on steroid cases throughout the United States, Rick Collins and his legal team have found that few state or local police, federal agents, prosecutors or judges have comprehensive knowledge about the substances themselves, and too few are fully knowledgeable about the laws they are enforcing. When defense counsel is similarly undereducated, the end result can be disaster for the client.

In his testimony before the United States Sentencing Commission, steroid legal authority Rick Collins was asked to offer his comments on whether anabolic steroids should be treated the same as other Schedule III controlled substances for the purposes of drug equivalency under the federal sentencing guidelines. He offered ten reasons why steroids are not equivalent to other Schedule III drugs, or to all other controlled substances.

One common problem involves how much quantity evinces an intent to distribute. This problem arises because of the extensive experience the criminal justice system players have with cocaine and heroin cases. While anabolic steroids are classified as controlled substances, they are quite dissimilar to such hard drugs, which are typically purchased and possessed in amounts to be consumed in one sitting. Those using anabolic steroids will almost always purchase and possess much larger amounts in order to complete a whole cycle of use. Even a thousand tablets or scores of vials can be totally consistent with personal use. Both the medical and bodybuilding literature can be of great support to this argument. Yet Customs agents and Postal Inspectors who have intercepted lesser amounts have frequently treated the suspect like a drug kingpin.

Another issue related to quantity arises when non-controlled substances are inadvertently “tossed into the mix.” Many bodybuilders utilize a variety of ancillary medications – anastrozole (Arimidex), clomiphene citrate, tamoxifen, clenbuterol, etc. — to enhance beneficial effects or to control adverse ones. When a wide variety of substances are recovered in a search, all manner of confusion by law enforcement can ensue. Such confusion is not hard to understand when often the lawmakers themselves are thoroughly confused. For example, Delaware law [16 Del. C. Section 4701(18)] defines “human growth hormone” as “synonymous with the term “human chorionic gonadotropin.” Other than sharing the word “human,” these two hormones have nothing in common. The Delaware statute effectively defines “apples” as “oranges.” It’s anybody’s guess as to what is intended.

The depth of confusion and misinformation by those in the legal community can present an impediment to the proper resolution of these matters. A prosecutor or judge whose knowledge of anabolic steroids is based on what has been read in the lay press may not offer an appropriate plea and sentence. Counsel can respond to overly aggressive prosecutors who spout the “evils” of steroid use by referencing the medical literature itself, including the landmark 1996 study (printed in the New England Journal of Medicine) that found virtually no adverse effects when anabolic steroids were administered at a dosage of 600 mgs per week for ten weeks. Recent scholarly reviews of the literature have also concluded that the health risks have been overstated.

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