Charged With a Steroid Crime in Texas, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, DC Or NY?

As Investigations Heat Up Nationwide, Rick Collins Provides Steroid Legal Counsel to Residents of a Number of States

arrestedFIn states throughout the country, the number of people being charged with steroid-related crimes is rising. Every day, all types of people nationwide are being investigated and prosecuted for steroid possession, use, importation, manufacturing or sale – with almost regular reports of steroid traffickers being identified and subsequent “steroid ring stings” such as in the case of the recent Austin, Texas steroid investigation in the news.

Being charged with a crime involving anabolic steroids or performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) doesn’t just happen to professional athletes. Amateur athletes, bodybuilders and otherwise law-abiding professionals find themselves arrested for anabolic steroids and facing an array of legal issues surrounding steroids. And although arrests for anabolic steroids in New York continue to be on the rise, countless individuals in other states are increasingly finding themselves facing steroid charges – and in need of experienced steroid legal counsel who can help them keep their lives on track.

Rick Collins has built a strong reputation as one of the country’s top steroid defense lawyers, with cases ranging from the representation of professional athletes in high profile PED cases, to helping bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts throughout the country fight charges for steroid-related crimes. Licensed in Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Washington, D.C., he is able to provide his years of steroid law experience to work for people in those areas through direct representation of clients. He has also been admitted “pro hac vice” on steroid cases in many other states across the nation, and routinely serves as a resource and consultant to criminal defense lawyers nationwide when it comes to anabolic steroid defense.

Rick’s most recent work as a steroid defense lawyer in Texas, where he successfully represented a client in a federal anabolic steroid case that concluded a few weeks ago, not only resulted in a favorable outcome for his client but earned the client’s exceptional gratitude and praise. The following letter was sent to Collins, McDonald & Gann in recognition of Rick’s outstanding steroid defense in Texas, and is a great testament to his leadership as a steroid defense lawyer in Texas.

I cannot express enough praise for Rick Collins and the office of Collins, McDonald, and Gann in the handling of my federal anabolic steroid case.  Dealing with my legal situation was an incredibly difficult experience for me and my family.  Throughout the process Rick consistently made himself available to answer any questions we may have had and to provide reassurance as we coped with the uncertainty of the situation.  In court, Rick displayed his unique legal skill-set, educating the judge and prosecutor in my case on the particulars of anabolic steroids.  Without his knowledge and experience in handling these types of cases, I do not believe we would have had the highly favorable outcome we had in the end.  Choosing Rick Collins for my legal defense was the best decision I could have made.

~ J.B., Texas

If you are in need of an experienced steroid lawyer in Texas, New York or any of the many states where Rick is licensed to practice, or anywhere else (Rick has consulted on matters in other countries as well), call him directly at 516-294-0300 to discuss how he can help with your steroid defense. If you would like Rick’s insight into steroid defense law, feel free to reach out to him by email at rcollins@cmgesq.com.