Part 2 Of “Behind The Muscle” Interview With Rick Collins Airs

New Piece Addresses Rick’s Early Years as Criminal Defense Lawyer in New York and High Profile National Cases in Steroid Law, Dietary Supplement Defense

The second part of Dave Palumbo’s interview with Rick Collins has aired on RxMuscle TV’s “Behind the Muscle” – providing a unique glimpse into Rick’s early career in criminal defense and his move into steroid law and legal counsel for dietary supplement companies. In addition, the interview includes a number of personal anecdotes and history regarding some of Rick’s high profile clients and legal defense in anabolic steroids cases, including his role on the BALCO case, as well as his relationships with celebrities such as Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger …and his appearance on “The Joe Franklin Show” in conjunction with his role in the “Toxic Avenger” movies.

The interview begins with Dave’s noting Rick’s legal defense for many high profile bodybuilders and steroid cases, including his representation of the chemist in the BALCO case. Noting that the BALCO case was “the beginning of a higher edict by government to go after steroids” and the “first real indication that the government was getting more serious about anabolic steroids” the interview addressed not only this case, but how the case impacted future legal defense of steroid charges and steroids/doping charges in sports. In talking about professional sports and steroids, and addressing some of the controversy surrounding steroids and Baseball Hall of Fame candidates linked to PED use, Rick makes the point that in bodybuilding there is much more acceptance about the evolution of the sport — even if there is pharmacology involved – and that it doesn’t take away from the winners of the past (noting that baseball is much more rigid.)

Throughout the interview Rick discusses not only his legal defense for anabolic steroids cases but also his work in dietary supplements law. Noting that his job includes providing legal counsel for dietary supplement companies nationwide, he stresses that he helps keep supplement companies out of trouble by following all current FDA/FTC regulations for dietary supplements.

In addition to discussing his work as a steroid lawyer and his legal counsel for supplement companies, Dave also asked Rick about a number of Rick’s other accomplishments – including his book Legal Muscle, which succeeded in de-mystifying non-medical steroid use, and his role in the Chris Bell documentary “Bigger, Stronger, Faster.” The interview also touched on Rick’s work as the co-author of his second book Alpha Male Challenge, as well as his recent “adventures” – including skydiving for charity and climbing Pikes Peak.

The piece ended with Rick’s most important legal counsel for anyone arrested for steroids: that everyone has the right to a lawyer, and that you have no obligation to speak to the police without a lawyer present. In the clip, Rick provides viewers with exactly what they should say if questioned by the police – and stresses that it’s his number one piece of advice for anyone charged with a steroid crime.

To watch Rick’s full interview on “Behind The Muscle”, watch the video above or click: www.rxmuscle.com/video/behind-the-muscle/11541-behind-the-muscle-rick-legal-muscle-collins-part-2.html

As always, if you have any questions regarding steroids and the law, or the legal defense surrounding dietary supplements, call Rick 24/7 at 516-294-0300 or email him at rcollins@cmgesq.com.