Designer Anaboloic Steroid Control Act Signed by President Obama

New Steroid Law Now Criminalizes List of 25 Steroids, Bringing More Severe Criminal and Civil Penalties Surrounding Possession and Distribution of Anabolic Steroids

After being passed by Congress last week, the Designer Anabolic Steroid Control Act (DASCA) was signed into law by President Obama on Thursday, December 18th – resulting in major legal changes surrounding the criminal possession and distribution of steroids. DASCA not only criminalizes 25 new anabolic steroids literally overnight (the law is effective immediately), but also targets the derivatives and slight variations on compounds on the new list of substances (if they are made or marketed/intended to be marketed to build muscle) – and changes the way steroid cases will be prosecuted moving forward. DASCA brings increased criminal and civil penalties, as well as massive fines – and is expected to have a major impact surrounding all aspects of steroids and the law.

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