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This unique site contains extensive information about anabolic steroids with an emphasis on objectivity. Across the top of each page, you’ll see a navigation bar with “Introduction,” “Arrested?,” “Athletes,” and six other words each of which are links to specific topic pages. Above the navigation bar and to the right is a search function — just type in the word you’re seeking and click your cursor on “Search” to take you to the available results. There are also a variety of “News Articles” and “Headlines”.  Each of the entries are a link to an extended page of information.  Most of the bolded words and the titles themselves are links. For example, the HBO Real Sports segment on steroid health risks can be safely downloaded by clicking on “Are Steroids Safe for Adult Males? HBO Suggests, YES!” on the home page, and then clicking on either the title of the headline or the “view video here” link.  We can be easily emailed by using the “Contact Us” page. And anyone interested in a fuller grasp of the subject of steroids can learn more about “Legal Muscle” by clicking the graphic link at the far right of the home page.  Feel free to bookmark Steroidlaw.com and return for further exploration or to read new or updated content.  If you experience any difficulty navigating this site, please email us at info@cmgesq.com.