New Article Highlights Testosterone in Anti-Aging

Fusion Article Addresses the Power of Testosterone, its Rise in Popularity … and Ethical/Legal Issues Surrounding Testosterone Use to Promote Well-Being

1020px-Testosterone-from-xtal-3D-ballsThe use of testosterone continues to be a topic of much discussion and debate in both the competitive sports and bodybuilding arenas. With non-medical testosterone “doping” in professional sports banned, and with any individual found to be in possession of testosterone without a prescription at risk for criminal charges and arrest, the legal ramifications of testosterone possession and use have given testosterone a bad name – and some bad press.

In the midst of all of the recent negative publicity about testosterone use in professional sports and the legal consequences of the use/possession of testosterone without a proper prescription comes a new article just published in Fusion – offering a new perspective, and excellent summary, of the benefits of testosterone therapy for a large number of individuals. The article, “Why Testosterone is the Drug of the Future” highlights the many proven benefits of testosterone (noted to be “as close to a direct anti-aging medication as science has yet produced”) – including users reporting “increased energy, more muscle mass, decreased body fat, greater sex drive and a general sense of well-being.” However, more than just providing an overview of the physical benefits of testosterone therapy, this article goes deeper to examine the medical and legal ethics involved in testosterone therapy. With the potential power of testosterone to “transcend the limitations imposed on an aging human body” – the author ponders the question of how many more men might be willing to try it if it were easier to acquire … and delves into other issues surrounding testosterone, medical ethics and current law surrounding testosterone therapy.

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