Rick Collins Quoted in Maxim Magazine

Rick Addresses Legal Issues Surrounding SARMs in Recent Article in International Men’s Magazine

Maxim-logoSARMs — or selective androgen receptor modulators – have continued to be a topic in the news, with increased attention being given to the purchasing of SARMs (including Ostarine) as “dietary supplements” or purported “research chemicals.” A recent MAXIM magazine article brought the issue of SARMs to the forefront for the general public – and Rick Collins was quoted in the article addressing the FDA’s authority over the selling and buying of SARMs.

The MAXIM article, “A New Class of Unapproved Supplements Has Mass Appeal,” highlighted the growing interest in the use of SARMs to create a better physique, and their positioning as a “cutting edge alternative to steroids.” Noting that SARMs, which were designed to strengthen cancer patients and for the functional limitations associated with aging and chronic disease, are research chemicals developed for critical medical interventions and have never made it out of clinical trials, the article addresses the so-called SARMs “loophole” – and how SARMs can be purchased online by buyers saying that they are purchasing SARMs for research purposes for use on laboratory animals.

Rick, who is credited in the article as an attorney specializing in steroid-related cases, notes that when it comes to purchasing SARMs, both seller and buyer often know there’s no animal research – pointing out that the FDA is the one that is often in the dark in the illicit online sale of SARMs such as Ostarine. The coverage of the SARMs issue by one of the top men’s magazines in the country is a significant development, and we’re glad that MAXIM sought Rick out for his legal expertise in this area to help address some of the key issues surrounding Ostarine use and the law.

The article provides additional anecdotal experience of those taking Ostarine and further addresses the market involving the sale and purchase of SARMs. As the article implies, as long as SARMs remain in developmental limbo, the selling of these compounds as purported “research chemicals” may continue – making SARMs law and the legal issues surrounding the sale and purchase of Ostarine something that will continue to be watched in the months and years to come. For a better understanding of the legal issues regarding research chemicals, see https://steroidlaw.com/2013/12/melanotan-ii-other-peptides-and-the-law-of-research-purposes-only-chemicals/ and https://steroidlaw.com/2005/04/chemicals-for-research-purposes-only/.

We’ll keep you updated as to any further developments involving legal guidelines for SARMs, and will continue to bring you the latest information regarding this timely industry issue. If you have been investigated or prosecuted for issues surrounding SARMs and Ostarine, or involving any research chemical sales, call us anytime or email Rick Collins at rcollins@supplementcounsel.com