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Posted by T
on July 31

I was indicted with 4 counts involving pro-hormones and steroids. I was facing 7-8 and hired two of the best lawyers in my home state. Soon after my “hometown team” negotiated the deal down to 3-5, I hired Rick Collins as an advisor. Ricks expertise was immediately apparent. I soon hired him onto my team full time. Rick got some of the evidence thrown out after having it lab tested. His strategy and negotiation skills got 3 of the 4 indictments dropped and reduced my possible sentence down to 0-6 months. Ricks knowledge and experience was the sole reason I have my liberty back today. My sincere advice to anyone else in a similar situation would be to make the call for a consult. I promise you won’t regret it. Rick is the real deal.

Posted by TK
on July 19

Worth it!

Rick Collins is the best of the best. He does not quit. He’s very strategic with his clients and how he professionally goes about doing his job. His knowledge is unmatched. He doesn’t just talk, he puts in the work and myself as a client see it in his actions. A lot of lawyers talk talk talk, Rick presents, shows and puts into action. I can tell you 100% if you’re in a in a situation with concern, Rick through his knowledge and constant motivation will set you at peace, you just sit back and let Rick do his job and this is one attorney that actually will.

Posted by Gavin
on July 2

Very impressed !!

When I first met Mr. Collins I was put instantly at ease. His knowledge and calm confidence of my situation was a huge stress relief. There is simply no one who is better qualified to handle my situation. Mr. Collins has my complete trust as my attorney. He is very personable and exudes genuine confidence. I know I am in the best hands possible.
I will absolutely recommend him!!

Posted by Ares
on May 11

A lawyer with a conscience

It’s not too often you meet a lawyer that’s an actual person. I was surprised when he told me he doesn’t represent coke dealers, rapists, murderers etc because he has a moral code. A moral code!? Never met a lawyer that wasn’t a blood sucking soulless leech until now.
Rick is not just a good person but an amazing lawyer, he went to bat for me like no one else could have. He fought my case and I should have gotten no less than 3-4yrs but he brought it down to 12mo 1day. Where the prosecutor initially wanted 5yr. I didn’t have just a couple vials here, I had enough to supply every football team in the world for the next 10yrs.
I was in hot water and I was going to burn. I fired my first lawyer after wasting 10k on him so don’t do what I did, get the best Lawyer first time out the gate. If you happen to be someone who might need a steroid lawyer in the future, definitely get him on retainer. It could be the difference between freedom or half a decade in federal pound me in the prison.

Posted by a client
on May 1

Great technical & practical advice

*Or even before you get in trouble, so you don’t ruin your life believing the letter of the law is actually what matters or is as clear as it appears.

Without any fees, Mr. Collins called me to discuss the legalities of a nuanced, yet technically legal substance- a benzodiazepine analogue. I’m overly impressed with how reliable, easy to reach, and fair-minded he is.

He had A) a large wealth of knowledge about the nuances of drug law, B) knew the limitations of his knowledge (e.g., no BS), and most importantly C) knew the practical reality of US drug law (e.g., what really happens when someone tries to skirt the CSA).

Although I knew much of what he told me, he spent 10mins to respond to a call, and explained the letter of the law (which was positive news) and the actual interpretation of the law (which is obscenely under-appreciated by most lawyers).

Unlike any other drug-lawyer, he knows about the actual law regarding possession, importation, manufacturing, and distribution (or commercialization/rebranding) of non-scheduled chemicals. But most importantly, he understands the difference between what the Law says and what Law Enforcement does.

Most Importantly,
****Don’t expect him to tell you to take risks or advice you how to “get away with something” (it’s neither his job nor would he be giving good advice), do expect him to help you understand the risks and complications.
His partly words were: Nearly all Americans will commit about felonies, sometimes multiple felonies in one day, WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING IT.

I hope I never actually have to pay him for his services, but this is the man who can help you if you have a legal problem or help you avoid a legal problem with atypical or “legal” drugs.

-Thank you Rick. I’m still digesting your advice but you confirmed my 2 major suspicions: A) if it sounds too good to be true, then it’s not true and B) the law is too obtuse to confidently avoid breaking.

Posted by Mike
on April 5

There is no other lawyer like Rick Collins.

Due to the mass amount, verity & volume of illegal possession that they were charging me with, I was to be sentenced to a minimum of 10 years. With no if and no buts. And because I was a bodybuilder, I was up against being a target, and to be made an example. And by having such other illegal substances, just made all matters worse. If anyone has to make that first phone call, then you have to, and must, call Mr. Collins. As I was being charged with, needing 2 hands to count them on and with for the numerous charges that they came out to be. But upon all the charges, not only did Rick enable and get just about every charge dropped, through his relentless efforts and dedication to my case and to me. I was not tried, and did not have to serve any time. If I had any other lawyer then Rick Collins, I know I would have been sentenced, and still would have been serving that time. As my life was about to be lost and taken away from me, it was Mr. Collins empowerment that spared my freedom. And because of that. I will forever be grateful and so very thankful. For him and to him. For all and everything Rick has done for me. And for my family as well. As I made a vow then, and keep it deep inside me each day. That I will never ever repeat any of that past. As to prove to Rick, that I am all that he made me to be.

Posted by a client
on March 17


Words to describe Rick Collins: Honest, Professional, Extreme Depth of Knowledge, Responsive, Personable, Willing to go to any length for the Integrity of his Client,…
I can’t recommend Rick Collins highly enough! If you have a case that involves steroids/anabolics there is just no other choice! I’ll try to make a long story short: I was completely framed by an Informant who was guilty of several felony charges of drug possession, distribution to minors, etc. He got to remain free & continue his “business” if he turned in others. So, I assume in desperation he turned in anybody he could think of, including myself , although we had only met once a few years before & only just barely said “hi”. At the time I lived in a small town with backwards laws and a drug task force that was “bored” and run by shady characters, so they were ready to jump at any story given to them. I was completely innocent of all charges & yet suddenly found myself living in a nightmare that most people would never believe. I was being charged with at least 9 felony counts of manufacture, possession & distribution. I was led out of my own business in handcuffs, stayed in jail overnight, and was being threatened with up to 12 years in prison if I didn’t accept a plea deal (which still would have ruined my life since I would have had to accept multiple felony counts & I hadn’t done ANYTHING). I lived over 2,000 miles away from Rick & yet he was the 1st phone call I made!!! And thank goodness!!!!! Nobody else could have gotten my life back for me! Even being innocent, it was a complicated process for anyone without his in-depth knowledge of anabolics, his experience with “real” drug deals & his courtroom expertise. He was so generous with his time on this matter & gave me discounts where he could! He kept in constant touch, was always personally available for questions, shared everything he was researching/investigating (& it was lots) and used his own relevant contacts to our advantage. I was truly petrified! And yet every time I talked to Rick on the phone, he sounded confident, was straightforward and so easily affable that he always set my mind somewhat at ease. In the end, I got off completely free! My record is clear! I didn’t even have to go through trial! It was still a long, harrowing, expensive process that has changed my character for a lifetime, yet it would have been so much worse and cost me so much more (in terms of my life) if it hadn’t been for Rick Collins. I owe him more than I can ever re-pay! He has a lifelong friend in me! He’ll forever have my utmost respect & gratitude! He truly saved my life as I know it!

Posted by Mike S
on February 21

I would like to highly recommend the expert services of Rick Collins as legal defense in any case involving possession/PWID of Anabolic Steroids or illegal performance enhancing drugs. Rick has literally written the book on this matter, Legal Muscle. In addition he writes a monthly column in the famous international publication Muscular Development; his column found within is entitled BUSTED, stemming from the ground breaking 15pg article in MD written in Sept 2001.

His knowledge of this legal issue is unsurpassed. I can personally attest to this, as I’ve retained Rick’s services for my highly publicized Federal case in 2006-2007. The favorable result I was given is used as a precedence in all other similar cases, I was fortunate to receive a best case scenario of 6mo home detention, as opposed to the 24-36mo incarceration, which the Federal guidelines strongly recommended. This was absolutely and completely due to Rick’s ability to educate the judge on the typical character of the athlete who uses PEDs, which are demonstrated through many documented and widespread studies of such users. Rick was so very convincing in his defense, that the judge went so far out of the Federal guidelines that the Feds actually appealed the judge’s decision. They ultimately failed. Therefore I have Rick Collins to thank for my freedom, and hopefully anyone in a similar situation will retain Rick for a best case scenario result. Rick is the one and only choice for a PED legal issue!

Posted by Lawrence
on February 19

Super Extraordinary

I heard a very tough Federal Judge use the words Super Extraordinary in reference to Mr. Collins right after his final statement to the court. I couldn’t agree more…I am forever indebted to you Mr. Richard D. Collins!!!

Posted by a client
on Dec 17, 2014

There for you when you need him

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you so much for all you do for the bodybuilding community and for me. I have been part of the boards for about 15 years. I know you’re busy sir so I make it quick. I called you for advice last year about an alleged anabolic steroid pack that supposedly came addressed in my name. Against my wishes they came in and not sure if they have or had the authority to do so as I did not give them permission. Well long story short nothing found, house clean but they took my laptop and phone. I wanted to thank you sir, most of all for actually calling me back and within hours when I am a nobody as far as money I am in the military so don’t have much of it. I can’t even get a lawyer in my own state and city to call me back and here you are Mr. Collins a legend in the bodybuilding community and a famous lawyer bodybuilder in the professional community and you took the time to call me back. In Closing Sir, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Bodybuilding has saved me growing up from drugs violence prison and what not. I am currently deployed [in the Middle East] right now and bodybuilding, family and god are all that keep me going over here and sane. Thank you sir. MERRY CHRISTMAS hope to be home early next year. ~ a US Serviceman

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