Rick Collins Presents at the Society of Weight-Training Injury Specialists (SWIS) 2015 Conference

Addresses Legal Implications of Dietary Supplements and PEDs at SWIS Symposium

image2Rick Collins traveled to Toronto, Canada recently to serve as a featured speaker at the Society of Weight-Training Injury Specialists (SWIS) Symposium 2015 – addressing the legal aspects of dietary supplements and performance enhancing substances/drugs (PEDs) at a well-attended presentation held on November 13th. Rick’s presentation focused on current legal guidelines and regulations in the dietary supplement industry as well as PEDs in sports and law – and was attended by powerlifters, bodybuilders, doctors, therapists, trainers, strength coaches and nutritionists joining together at this important conference. A former competitive bodybuilder and fitness trainer, Rick has become a sought-after expert in the health and fitness arena and regarding legal issues of physical performance.

image1The Society of Weight-Training Injury Specialists is focused on the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of weight-training injuries. The organization is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of weight-training injuries and creates educational opportunities to help access the top training and treatment protocols. The 2015 SWIS Symposium featured more than 30 presentations by expert speakers from around the world, as well as numerous exhibitors at the two-day event. The 2015 Symposium was attended by more than 600 delegates – with this year’s attendees including trainers, doctors, specialists and practitioners.

Rick’s presentation was attended by many at the Symposium, including World Champion powerlifter and strongman Bill Kazmaier. Bill, who is one of the strongest men who ever lived, attended Rick’s lecture and joined others in the audience who gathered to hear the latest information about legal issues surrounding dietary supplements and PEDs.

For more information about Rick’s lecture, or for additional upcoming presentations Rick will be giving in the months ahead, contact Rick at rick@steroidlaw.hoamdev2.com, or call 516-294-0300.