Anyone suspected, charged and/or arrested with the illegal possession, use, and/or distribution of performance enhancing drugs should immediately contact a reputable criminal defense attorney, most preferably one with abundant knowledge and experience as it relates to anabolic steroid cases Although steroids are essentially exogenous, synthetic hormones that the human body naturally produces, the government considers many of these substances the same way as dangerous, recreational or “hard” drugs. Prosecutors, along with law enforcement, take these cases extremely seriously & are unlikely to go soft on anyone.

If you’ve been accused of a crime – in the United States – the government has the burden of proof. You are innocent until proven guilty. In other systems, you are presumed guilty, until you can prove your innocence – not here! No matter how nice the cops may be to you, they are not your friends. They’re also not your enemies; however, they’re there to do a job. The more you speak, the more vulnerable you may become – even if you’re 100% innocent!

Speaking only for me, myself, & I, I’d encourage anyone sitting in an interrogation room or called in “just to talk” to the
cops, to give my friend Rick Collins or any other competent attorney a call – FIRST.

Christian Duque

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