Rick Collins Addresses New Data Surrounding Teen Steroid Use in His Latest Huffington Post Blog

Rick Highlights New Monitoring the Future (MTF) Survey Data Showing Drop in Reported Teen Steroid Usage

Rick Collins, who addresses today’s most timely issues including anabolic steroids and the law in his Huffington Post blog, is bringing national attention to the just-released data showing the continued drop in non-medical teen steroid use from the latest Monitoring the Future (MTF) survey — considered the “gold standard national study” on teen drug use. With mainstream media attention typically only delivering alarming news (and scare tactic headlines) for parents about teens and steroid use, Rick is hoping to bring this important new data – and good news for parents – to the forefront by highlighting these latest survey results, which show a sustained decrease in non-medical teen steroid usage.

The latest MTF statistics show that the percentage of youths reporting having used steroids at least ease once in their lives is once again down; in grades 8, 10 and 12 combined, the percentage of youths reporting having used steroids non-medically at least once in their lives is now only 1.3% (from a past high of 3.3%). In addition to addressing possible reasons for the fluctuations and reduction in non-medical adolescent steroid use over the years, Rick’s Huffington Post blog piece also addresses and looks at the prohormone market of “designer steroids” and their relationship to reported teen steroid usage over the years. In addition, the blog addresses the good news that the MTF statistics indicate an overall decline in teen drug use in general – with drug use dropping to its lowest in the entire history of the MTF surveys.

Rick’s Huffington Post blog highlighting the “good news” of this latest MTF survey is an important piece that will hopefully help reassure American parents who, all too often, have been scared by alarming headlines and reports of a spiraling teen steroid epidemic. To read his latest Huffington Post blog on this important subject, click: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/the-rising-epidemic-of-teen-steroid-abuse_us_586d012de4b014e7c72ee516.

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