There for you when you need him. I just wanted to take a minute and thank you so much for all you do for the bodybuilding community and for me. I have been part of the boards for about 15 years. I know you’re busy sir so I make it quick. I called you for advice last year about an alleged anabolic steroid pack that supposedly came addressed in my name. Against my wishes they came in and not sure if they have or had the authority to do so as I did not give them permission. Well long story short nothing found, house clean but they took my laptop and phone. I wanted to thank you sir, most of all for actually calling me back and within hours when I am a nobody as far as money I am in the military so don’t have much of it. I can’t even get a lawyer in my own state and city to call me back and here you are Mr. Collins a legend in the bodybuilding community and a famous lawyer bodybuilder in the professional community and you took the time to call me back. In Closing Sir, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Bodybuilding has saved me growing up from drugs violence prison and what not. I am currently deployed [in the Middle East] right now and bodybuilding, family and god are all that keep me going over here and sane. Thank you sir. MERRY CHRISTMAS hope to be home early next year.

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