Rick Collins to Present at New York State Bar Association Young Lawyers Section

Rick to Address How Attorneys Can “Find Their Passion” in their Legal Careers

imageRick Collins, who has successfully incorporated his longtime passion for — and leadership in — fitness and bodybuilding into his law practice, will be providing young lawyers with his insight into how attorneys can make their own passion part of their legal careers. Rick will be the featured speaker at an upcoming New York State Bar Association Young Lawyers Section presentation designed to help young attorneys discover how they can incorporate their own interests and avocations in their law practices – sharing his story of how he built and grew his own law practice to serve the needs of niche clients in the bodybuilding and dietary supplement communities.

Rick’s presentation, entitled “Finding Your Passion”, will take place on Thursday, April 28th from 6 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. It will be held at Aronson, Mayefsky & Sloan, LLP, located at 12 E. 49th Street, 32nd Floor, NY, NY. The presentation is open to all, with pre-registration necessary. Registration details and additional information can be found at www.nysba.org/rickcollins.

The presentation will focus on how attendees can incorporate their passions and special interests in their legal careers – whether it is their passion for travel, their love of running, or any other interest or activity. Rick will address the benefits of becoming a niche lawyer in today’s legal community – and how combining your passion with your interest in the law can prove to be a successful strategy for many young lawyers today.

Rick, who also addressed young attorneys at the Nassau County Bar Association earlier this year on this topic, is an established leader in the area of building niche law practices. He was recently featured in Long Island’s Newsday as part of a major story on niche law – which highlighted how his passion for fitness and many connections within the bodybuilding and fitness worlds led to the development of his niche law practice in anabolic steroids and dietary supplements. Today, Rick notes that 100 percent of his practice focuses on issues related to his passion surrounding health and fitness.

For more information about Rick’s “Finding Your Passion” presentation on April 28th, and to register for the session, visit www.nysba.org/rickcollins, or email Alex Englander at aenglander@nysba.org. In addition, for more information about Rick and his work as a niche lawyer in the health, fitness and bodybuilding communities, call him at 516-294-0300 or email him at rcollins@cgmbesq.com