Rick Collins Featured on “Stronger by Science” Podcast

– Interview Addresses Today’s Biggest Issues in Dietary Supplements and the Law –

Rick Collins was recently the featured guest on “Stronger by Science” – a popular podcast in the health and fitness community providing listeners with evidence and insights in training, nutrition and science. Rick was interviewed by Eric Trexler, PhD CSCS*D CISSN, Director of Education for Stronger by Science – providing an in-depth discussion about dietary supplements and the law and how supplements are regulated, as well as sharing examples where supplement regulation has failed, and how consumers can make safe and informed decisions about their own supplement use.

During the nearly hour-long interview, Rick provides important information and valuable insights into a number of the most critical topics surrounding dietary supplements and the law and some of the “grey areas” in the dietary supplement industry today. Specific topics discussed during the interview include CBD oil, SARMs, designer stimulants, and more – with Rick addressing legalities surrounding everything in the fitness industry.

The interview begins with Rick discussing how, and why, he carved out a niche as the top lawyer in the world of steroids and dietary supplements and his “integration of vocation and advocation” — noting that his practice is now dominated by strength and health, fitness, nutrition, bodybuilding and exercise. Rick then provides an overview of current government regulation of the dietary supplement industry, noting FDA and FTC regulatory authority and the government’s ability to send out warning letters and take more aggressive actions (particularly surrounding claims made by supplement companies). In discussing current legislation in the dietary supplement industry, Rick notes that he believes “there is enough legislation on the books to cover the vast majority of problems in the market” – and that overall, the dietary supplement industry is not the “Wild West” some people think (pointing out that the dietary supplement industry is safe, especially compared to both the food and drug industries.)

In the interview, Rick also addresses and offers insight into the following questions and issues:

  • What are “current good manufacturing practices?”
  • Do new supplement ingredients require “approval” from the government?
  • The “self-affirmed generally recognized as safe” exemption for new supplement ingredients
  • The history of non-supplement ingredients being sold as supplements (prohormones, stimulants, etc.)
  • Selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs)
  • Are “designer stimulants” still prevalent on the supplement market?
  • People often blame failed drug tests on tainted supplements. Are they being truthful, or is that just a convenient excuse?
  • Do we need more laws to help regulate the supplement industry?
  • The legal status of CBD oil supplement products

To listen to the full podcast interview with Rick Collins, click here. In addition, if you’d like to speak with Rick about any of the topics surrounding dietary supplements and the law addressed in the interview, or if you have questions about the latest government regulations surrounding dietary supplements as well as the legal status of CBD products, contact him anytime by phone at 516-294-0300 or by email at [email protected].