I would like to highly recommend the expert services of Rick Collins as legal defense in any case involving possession/PWID of Anabolic Steroids or illegal performance enhancing drugs. Rick has literally written the book on this matter, Legal Muscle. In addition he writes a monthly column in the famous international publication Muscular Development; his column found within is entitled BUSTED, stemming from the ground breaking 15pg article in MD written in Sept 2001.

His knowledge of this legal issue is unsurpassed. I can personally attest to this, as I’ve retained Rick’s services for my highly publicized Federal case in 2006-2007. The favorable result I was given is used as a precedence in all other similar cases, I was fortunate to receive a best case scenario of 6mo home detention, as opposed to the 24-36mo incarceration, which the Federal guidelines strongly recommended. This was absolutely and completely due to Rick’s ability to educate the judge on the typical character of the athlete who uses PEDs, which are demonstrated through many documented and widespread studies of such users. Rick was so very convincing in his defense, that the judge went so far out of the Federal guidelines that the Feds actually appealed the judge’s decision. They ultimately failed. Therefore I have Rick Collins to thank for my freedom, and hopefully anyone in a similar situation will retain Rick for a best case scenario result. Rick is the one and only choice for a PED legal issue!

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