Words to describe Rick Collins: Honest, Professional, Extreme Depth of Knowledge, Responsive, Personable, Willing to go to any length for the Integrity of his Client,…

I can’t recommend Rick Collins highly enough! If you have a case that involves steroids/anabolics there is just no other choice! I’ll try to make a long story short: I was completely framed by an Informant who was guilty of several felony charges of drug possession, distribution to minors, etc. He got to remain free & continue his “business” if he turned in others. So, I assume in desperation he turned in anybody he could think of, including myself , although we had only met once a few years before & only just barely said “hi”. At the time I lived in a small town with backwards laws and a drug task force that was “bored” and run by shady characters, so they were ready to jump at any story given to them. I was completely innocent of all charges & yet suddenly found myself living in a nightmare that most people would never believe. I was being charged with at least 9 felony counts of manufacture, possession & distribution. I was led out of my own business in handcuffs, stayed in jail overnight, and was being threatened with up to 12 years in prison if I didn’t accept a plea deal (which still would have ruined my life since I would have had to accept multiple felony counts & I hadn’t done ANYTHING). I lived over 2,000 miles away from Rick & yet he was the 1st phone call I made!!! And thank goodness!!!!! Nobody else could have gotten my life back for me! Even being innocent, it was a complicated process for anyone without his in-depth knowledge of anabolics, his experience with “real” drug deals & his courtroom expertise. He was so generous with his time on this matter & gave me discounts where he could! He kept in constant touch, was always personally available for questions, shared everything he was researching/investigating (& it was lots) and used his own relevant contacts to our advantage. I was truly petrified! And yet every time I talked to Rick on the phone, he sounded confident, was straightforward and so easily affable that he always set my mind somewhat at ease. In the end, I got off completely free! My record is clear! I didn’t even have to go through trial! It was still a long, harrowing, expensive process that has changed my character for a lifetime, yet it would have been so much worse and cost me so much more (in terms of my life) if it hadn’t been for Rick Collins. I owe him more than I can ever re-pay! He has a lifelong friend in me! He’ll forever have my utmost respect & gratitude! He truly saved my life as I know it!

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