Great technical & practical advice

*Or even before you get in trouble, so you don’t ruin your life believing the letter of the law is actually what matters or is as clear as it appears.

Without any fees, Mr. Collins called me to discuss the legalities of a nuanced, yet technically legal substance- a benzodiazepine analogue. I’m overly impressed with how reliable, easy to reach, and fair-minded he is.

He had A) a large wealth of knowledge about the nuances of drug law, B) knew the limitations of his knowledge (e.g., no BS), and most importantly C) knew the practical reality of US drug law (e.g., what really happens when someone tries to skirt the CSA).

Although I knew much of what he told me, he spent 10mins to respond to a call, and explained the letter of the law (which was positive news) and the actual interpretation of the law (which is obscenely under-appreciated by most lawyers).

Unlike any other drug-lawyer, he knows about the actual law regarding possession, importation, manufacturing, and distribution (or commercialization/rebranding) of non-scheduled chemicals. But most importantly, he understands the difference between what the Law says and what Law Enforcement does.

Most Importantly,
****Don’t expect him to tell you to take risks or advice you how to “get away with something” (it’s neither his job nor would he be giving good advice), do expect him to help you understand the risks and complications.
His partly words were: Nearly all Americans will commit about felonies, sometimes multiple felonies in one day, WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING IT.

I hope I never actually have to pay him for his services, but this is the man who can help you if you have a legal problem or help you avoid a legal problem with atypical or “legal” drugs.

-Thank you Rick. I’m still digesting your advice but you confirmed my 2 major suspicions: A) if it sounds too good to be true, then it’s not true and B) the law is too obtuse to confidently avoid breaking.

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