There is no other lawyer like Rick Collins. Due to the mass amount, verity & volume of illegal possession that they were charging me with, I was to be sentenced to a minimum of 10 years. With no if and no buts. And because I was a bodybuilder, I was up against being a target, and to be made an example. And by having such other illegal substances, just made all matters worse. If anyone has to make that first phone call, then you have to, and must, call Mr. Collins. As I was being charged with, needing 2 hands to count them on and with for the numerous charges that they came out to be. But upon all the charges, not only did Rick enable and get just about every charge dropped, through his relentless efforts and dedication to my case and to me. I was not tried, and did not have to serve any time. If I had any other lawyer then Rick Collins, I know I would have been sentenced, and still would have been serving that time. As my life was about to be lost and taken away from me, it was Mr. Collins empowerment that spared my freedom. And because of that. I will forever be grateful and so very thankful. For him and to him. For all and everything Rick has done for me. And for my family as well. As I made a vow then, and keep it deep inside me each day. That I will never ever repeat any of that past. As to prove to Rick, that I am all that he made me to be.

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